How we became Mutts & Barley

Two Girls...

One Dream...

& a Dog named Molson

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Funny you should ask...

Tori's husband, Will, enjoys crafting his own home brew. One day when he was done brewing, he decided there was no place better to put the spent grain than in the front yard. Molson (aka Mo), Tori & Will's Labrador Retriever, had a better idea for that grain! Naturally, Mo ate the spent grains off the front lawn and loved every  bit!  He even loved it more than the fresh lasagna he had stolen off the counter the week before. It must be a lab thing.  

One evening, neighbors Danielle and Tori were enjoying the fresh cold beer around the fire and talking about Mo's mischievousness.  Since Mo loved the grain so much, Danielle joked that they should make a beer for dogs and use the spent grain for treats. After quick research they found that the barley was not only irresistible to the canine pallet but it also had health benefits.  So, what started as Danielle's joke soon became an idea...that idea soon became an experiment...and that experiment...has become our dream come true. 

Thank you for loving your dogs as much as we do. 

 Danielle & Tori

 Co-owners of Mutts & Barley


With every product purchase, you are helping a pet in need. Mutts & Barley gives back by donating a portion of it's proceeds to shelters across the state